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Welcome to Matreshka project

Matreshka is a set of Ada libraries to help to develop information systems. It includes two libraries:

  • League --- provides support for localization, internationalization and globalization; including:
    • unbounded form of string of Unicode characters; cursors to iterate other characters and grapheme clusters; advanced locale tailored operations such as case conversion, case folding, collation, normalization;
    • regular expression engine with Perl-style syntax and Unicode extensions;
    • text codec to convert data streams into/from internal representation;
    • message translator to translate messages into natural language which is selected by user.
  • XML processor --- provides capability to manipulate with XML streams ans documents; including:
    • SAX reader to read XML streams and documents; it supports both XML1.0/XML1.1 specifications as well as corresponding Namespaces in XML specifications;
    • SAX writer to generate XML streams and documents from application.

Large number of specifications are used and are supported, see Conformance for complete information about conformance to specifications.

Source code

Source code can be downloaded from Downloader section of this site or from Subversion repository



If you are looking for commercial support please contact support (at), otherwise use mailing list and this tracker.

Mailing list

There is matreshka-users@… mailing list to support Matreshka's users. To subscribe please use on-line form. Archive is available on-line.

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