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This module will be available in Matreshka 0.0.7

SQL Database Access - PostgreSQL

Driver Name

The name of the PostgreSQL driver to be passed to SQL.Databases.Create subprogram is "POSTGRESQL".

Driver's Options

Driver's options string has standard format for PostgreSQL. See PostgreSQL documentation for more information. Here is just a small example:

user='me' password='my' dbname='db'

Build instructions

PostgreSQL module is built automatically when PostgreSQL package is installed. Automatic configuration facility use pg_config tools to check whether package is installed and to obtain required switches. When automatic configuration is unable to detect PostgreSQL libraries and linker switches, it is possible to specify path to libraries in the command line of configure (or configure.exe on Windows) program with --with-postgresql-libdir switch, for example:

configure --with-postgresql-libdir=/usr/local/psql/lib

now, run make to build PostgreSQL module:

make postgresql


On many Linux systems postgresql-devel package has incomplete dependencies set. As result, automatic configuration facility is unable to find requires switches. To resolve this issues run

pg_config --libs

and check that development packages are installed for all packages which containing reported set of libraries. Usually


packages must be installed.

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