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use Oracle instead of OCI

SQL Database Access - Oracle

Driver Name

The name of the Oracle driver to be passed to SQL.Databases.Create subprogram is "ORACLE".

Driver's Options

Driver's options string is connection string in form username/password@database.

Build instructions

Oracle module requires Oracle 11i (or latter) client installed. Oracle Instant Client is also supported. Automatic configuration facility use ORACLE_HOME environment variable to find where oracle client libraries are. It is possible (and required on OS Windows) to specify path to libraries in the command line of configure (or configure.exe on Windows) program with --with-oracle-libdir switch, for example:

configure --with-oracle-libdir=/oracle/lib

Supported data types

Supported League.Values are String, Integers and Float.

Don't use more than 64kbytes of data for Strings.

For integers column use Integer datatype or better Number (18,0).

For floats columns datatype use Binary_Float or Binary_Double. For now Number datatype can be used also, but it changes when Universal_Decimal will be ready.

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