SQL Database Access - MySQL

MySQL driver module allows to use MySQL client library.

Driver Name

The name of the MySQL driver to be passed to SQL.Databases.Create subprogram is "MYSQL".

Driver's Options

Supported options are listed in the table below, see MySQL documentation for detailed description of options.

database Connect to this database
host Host name of IP address of the server
password User's password
port Port number
socket UNIX socket
user User name

Supported data types

Following types are supported:

MySQL data type Ada data type
BIGINT Universal Integer
CHAR League.Strings.Universal_String
DATE League.Calendars.Date
DATETIME League.Calendars.Date_Time
DOUBLE Universal Float
FLOAT Universal Float
INTEGER Universal Integer
MEDIUMINT Universal Integer
SHORTINT Universal Integer
TIMESTAMP League.Calendars.Date_Time
TINYINT Universal Integer
VARCHAR League.Strings.Universal_String

Build Instructions

MySQL client library is detected and used automatically. For successful detection of MySQL client library mysql_config program must be installed and available. On some Linux distributions (we observed this on Ubuntu 11.04 x86) and Microsoft Windows automatic configuration facility is unable to detect MySQL client library; in this case you can specify path to shared libraries using --with-mysql-libdir command line switch, for example:

./configure --with-mysql-libdir=/usr/lib"
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