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Matreshka 0.6.0

Matreshka 0.6.0 not released yet. Most significant improvements of functionality are:

  • Markup Templates Engine (can produce XML or HTML/XHTML documents)
  • XML Namespace support package
  • fancy output of values of Matreshka's data types in GDB
  • API extension for Universal_String
  • packages to allow use of SIMD instructions in Ada applications (Intel MMX/SSE/etc. and ARM NEON)

Supported compilers

Matreshka 0.6.0 is tested with several Ada compilers:

  • GNAT GPL 2012
  • GNAT GPL 2013
  • FSF GCC 4.7
  • FSF GCC 4.8.1 (note, FSF GCC 4.8.0 is not supported due to GCC's bug)

Supported platforms

Matreshka 0.6.0 is tested on several platforms:

x86 Linux, Windows
x86_64 Linux

Current Status

Open tickets

Ticket Component Type Summary
No tickets found

Closed tickets

Ticket Component Type Resolution Summary
#63 Matreshka enhancement fixed ARM/Linux port
#166 Matreshka enhancement fixed rename project files
#318 Matreshka enhancement fixed Install GDB plugin
#339 Matreshka enhancement fixed Porting to windows 64
#340 Matreshka task fixed Matreshka 0.6.0 release
#314 Matreshka - AMF enhancement fixed Notification for element's events
#7 Matreshka - League defect fixed consistence of patethesis for named character classes not checked
#178 Matreshka - League defect fixed unmatched [] in regexp_scanner.l
#315 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed Backward search for Universal_String.Index
#316 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed gdb support for Universal_String
#319 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed Performance improvement of Universal_String's Index/Last_Index operations with SSE2
#320 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed From/To parameters for Index/Last_Index
#321 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed Move SIMD packages from private namespace
#322 Matreshka - League defect fixed Index doesn't return expected result for empty string
#324 Matreshka - League defect fixed Index function fails
#327 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed make Text codecs preelaborated
#329 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed Add Is_White_Space for Universal_Character
#330 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed Update to Unicode 6.3.0 and CLDR 24
#331 Matreshka - League defect fixed Memory corruption after JSON_Object.Value call
#333 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed Substring index
#334 Matreshka - League defect fixed Index fails on portable_le
#325 Matreshka - SQL defect wontfix List of Queries not thread-safe
#336 Matreshka - SQL defect fixed Fix size of integer used in mysql testsuite
#337 Matreshka - SQL defect fixed Oracle driver hangs on reopen connection
#338 Matreshka - SQL enhancement fixed MySQL tests must not be executed when there is no connection to database
#310 Matreshka - Web Services enhancement fixed Suppress style checks in wsdl2ada results
#69 Matreshka - XML Processor enhancement fixed XML Writer should use output destination to process output
#240 Matreshka - XML Processor enhancement fixed namespace support package
#326 Matreshka - XML Processor defect fixed Start_CDATA/End_CDATA are not emitted
#332 Matreshka - XML Processor task fixed move template processor into main source tree
#335 Matreshka - XML Processor enhancement fixed Add Clean to XML.SAX.Output_Destinations.Strings

Known problems

Ticket Component Type Resolution Milestone Summary
#342 Matreshka defect fixed 0.7.0 configure doesn't detect mysql server
#345 Matreshka defect fixed 0.7.0 Matreshka faild to install when AMF is disabled
#354 Matreshka defect fixed 0.7.0 unexpected configure warning when MySQL is not installed
#397 Matreshka defect fixed 0.7.0 configure failure without mysql server available for testing
#381 Matreshka - League defect 19.0 Shared mode for files opened by File_Input_Source
#388 Matreshka - League defect fixed 0.7.0 application crash on Last_Index call for empty string
#390 Matreshka - League defect fixed 0.7.0 Index raises CONSTRAINT_ERROR
#344 Matreshka - SQL defect fixed 0.7.0 Recover Firebird driver
#370 Matreshka - SQL enhancement fixed 0.7.0 Upgrade default mysql charset from utf8 to utf8mb4
#396 Matreshka - SQL defect Matreshka configure system is not able to detect SQLite3 on Gentoo
#350 Matreshka - XML Processor defect fixed 0.7.0 xml template processor crash on empty JSON array

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