Matreshka 0.1.1

Matreshka 0.1.1 was released. Here is list of most significant improvements of functionality:

  • support for calendars and calendrical calculations;
  • support for SQL Database Access, including Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQLite;
  • support for persistent application settings, INI files and Windows Registry are supported.
  • support for ISO-8859-1 and Windows-1251 encoding;
  • several extensions of Universal_String and Universal_String_Vector;
  • performance improvement;
  • bug fixes.

Supported compilers

Matreshka 0.1.0 is tested with several Ada compilers:

  • GNAT GPL 2010
  • GNAT GPL 2011
  • GNAT FSF GCC 4.5
  • GNAT FSF GCC 4.6

Supported platforms

Matreshka 0.1.0 is tested on several platforms:

x86 Linux, Windows
x86_64 Linux


Matreshka is available in both source code and binary packages form for some operating system. See Download for more information.

Closed tickets

Ticket Component Type Resolution Summary
#103 Matreshka enhancement fixed libdir and includedir handle
#109 Matreshka task fixed Matreshka 0.1.1 release
#110 Matreshka enhancement fixed OpenSUSE package
#12 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed ini files/windows registry support
#72 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed add support for ini files
#73 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed support for Windows registry
#84 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed settings fallbacks for ini files
#86 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed support for XDG_CONFIG_DIRS
#101 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed calendar support
#104 Matreshka - League defect fixed text decoder returns string with invalid length
#105 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed Universal_String_Vector.Clear operation
#106 Matreshka - League defect fixed 'read and 'write don't work for Universal_String
#107 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed Count in league
#88 Matreshka - SQL enhancement fixed SQLite3 support
#90 Matreshka - SQL enhancement fixed PostgreSQL support
#91 Matreshka - SQL enhancement fixed Oracle OCI support
#100 Matreshka - SQL defect fixed matreshka-postgressql requires libraries (krb, crypt) and other
#102 Matreshka - SQL defect fixed Add sql libs to
#99 Matreshka - XML Processor defect fixed matreshka segfaults during objects finalization

Known problems

Ticket Component Type Resolution Milestone Summary
#117 Matreshka defect fixed 0.2.0 Makefile.install gnatls commands produce blank lines
#119 Matreshka defect fixed 0.2.0 incorrect file name in league.gpr in portable_64_le section
#120 Matreshka enhancement fixed 0.2.0 configuration doesn't detect freebsd amd64 machine properly
#122 Matreshka defect fixed 0.2.0 matreshka doesn't build on FreeBSD with sqlite3 installed
#123 Matreshka defect fixed 0.2.0 sqlite 3: extra files installed
#134 Matreshka enhancement fixed 0.2.0 Add optflags to Makefile
#163 Matreshka enhancement fixed 0.2.0 takes too much memory to compile
#118 Matreshka - SQL defect fixed 0.2.0 SQL example uses obsolete subprograms
#153 Matreshka - SQL enhancement fixed 0.2.0 Print message if try configure sqlite module with old libbrary version
#124 Matreshka - Web Services defect fixed 0.2.0 FastCGI doesn't work with IIS
#59 Matreshka - XML Processor enhancement fixed 0.2.0 XML Writer: support for Start_DTD
#126 Matreshka - XML Processor defect fixed 0.2.0 XML Writer Error

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