Matreshka 0.0.7

Matreshka 0.0.7 is bugfixes release. Nevertheless, some enhancements was done also:

  • support for Windows-1251 character encoding;
  • performance improvement of UTF-8 decoder, XML parser;
  • build procedure was improved to support installation on POSIX systems; include GNAT RTL version as suffix of shared libraries.

For detailed information see Matreshka 0.0.7 milestone overview

Supported compilers

Matreshka 0.0.7 is tested with several Ada compilers:

  • GNAT GPL 2010
  • GNAT FSF GCC 4.5
  • GNAT FSF GCC 4.6

Supported platforms

Matreshka 0.0.7 was tested on:

x86 Linux, Windows
x86_64 Linux
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