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League provides rich set of components to develop Ada applications:

  • base component for localization, internationalization and globalization:
    • string handling - advanced unbounded form of string of Unicode characters; cursors to iterate over characters and grapheme clusters; advanced locale tailored operations such as case conversion, case folding, collation, normalization;
    • text codecs to convert data streams into/from prevalent encodings;
    • calendars and calendrical calculations;
    • message translator to translate messages into natural language which is selected by user;
    • string vector handy type supports Split and Join operations;
  • portable interface to operating systems:
    • access to command line arguments and environment variables as Unicode encoded strings;
    • persistent application settings to manage application settings, supports INI files and Windows Registry;
  • utilities:
    • regular expression engine with Perl-style syntax and Unicode extensions;
    • dynamically typed holder containers;
    • internationalized URI/URL/URN manipulation;
    • Base64 encoder/decoder;
    • JSON handling 0.5;
    • resize-able Stream_Element_Vecror type to store and manipulate binary data;
    • direct access to platform's SIMD instruction from Ada code without use of assembler (Intel MMX/SSE/etc. and ARM NEON).
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