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    4343    Because nonblocking mode requires the caller to repeat the same call until it completes, it increases CPU usage. Instead, use multithreaded mode.
     45Sharing connection between threads possible, but has no much sense:
     47    Most processing of an OCI call happens on the server, so if two threads  using OCI calls go to the same connection, then one of them can be  blocked while the other finishes processing at the server.
     49== Firebird ==
     50    Currently, the highest level of concurrency supported by any version of the Firebird client library is thread-safety at the connection level.
     52    When we say that the Firebird client library is thread-safe at the connection level, we mean that it is safe to use a particular connection in only one thread at a time, although the same connection can be manipulated by different threads in a serial fashion, and different connections can be manipulated by different threads in parallel.
     54    For example, in a multithreaded application server, it is safe for a particular connection to be leased from a connection pool by Thread A, used, and returned to the pool for later lease by Thread B. It is not safe for Thread A and Thread B to use the same connection at the same time.