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Ticket Component Type Resolution Milestone Summary
#390 Matreshka - League defect fixed 0.7.0 Index raises CONSTRAINT_ERROR
#396 Matreshka - SQL defect Matreshka configure system is not able to detect SQLite3 on Gentoo
#345 Matreshka defect fixed 0.7.0 Matreshka faild to install when AMF is disabled
#344 Matreshka - SQL defect fixed 0.7.0 Recover Firebird driver
#381 Matreshka - League defect 19.0 Shared mode for files opened by File_Input_Source
#370 Matreshka - SQL enhancement fixed 0.7.0 Upgrade default mysql charset from utf8 to utf8mb4
#388 Matreshka - League defect fixed 0.7.0 application crash on Last_Index call for empty string
#342 Matreshka defect fixed 0.7.0 configure doesn't detect mysql server
#397 Matreshka defect fixed 0.7.0 configure failure without mysql server available for testing
#354 Matreshka defect fixed 0.7.0 unexpected configure warning when MySQL is not installed
#350 Matreshka - XML Processor defect fixed 0.7.0 xml template processor crash on empty JSON array
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