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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#33 LF in strings for regexp somebody defect major Matreshka - League
#85 settings fallbacks for Windows registry somebody enhancement major Matreshka - League
#140 adjust/finalize raised STORAGE_ERROR defect major Matreshka
#144 ./configure --help failes with exception defect major Matreshka
#145 gnat/install/matreshka_config.gpr': No such file defect major Matreshka
#164 Cursor lost somewhere vadim.godunko defect major Matreshka - League
#269 In SAX.Writer xml: prefix not avaliable by default somebody defect major 0.5.0 Matreshka - XML Processor
#451 Wrong names in installed gpr files defect major 18.0 Matreshka
#482 string_hash_test failed on ppc64le with gcc7 defect major Matreshka
#497 Error with AWS 2018 defect major 18.0 Matreshka - Web Services
#309 Holder can be Is_Empty and Is_Universal_String simultaneously defect trivial Matreshka - League
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