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#299 fixed JSON support somebody Pavel Zhukov

It would be great to have JSON parser-generator in matreshka.

#33 invalid LF in strings for regexp somebody Maxim Reznik

Когда в строке в которой ведется поиск есть LF regexp странно себя ведет. В часности \p{Zl} не находит LF.

#308 fixed League.Calendars.Ada_Conversions is incorrect ivan.levashev

I have recently run into situation where current method of date/time conversion doesn't work. AWS creates date/time out of HTTP date in a wrong way. Ada has special APIs for time-zone conversions including UTC, but AWS instead creates date/time as if it were a local date/time. As result, I've got an Ada date/time value that can't be accepted by Matreshka conversion because Seconds / 3600 = 24 > 23

Response header Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2013 23:36:43 GMT Seconds = 85003.00000000

I think, a better option for Matreshka is to use Ada.Calendar.Formatting APIs for conversions. They explicitly have a time-zone argument that defaults to 0, and they have distinct hour/minute/secons/subsecond/leapness arguments.

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