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#188 fixed Improve performance of Universal_String_Vector.Append somebody vadim.godunko

Append operation of Universal_String_Vector is very slow when vector contains thousands of items.

#269 invalid In SAX.Writer xml: prefix not avaliable by default somebody Maxim Reznik

This code caused CONSTRAINT_ERROR with "Message: namespace is not mapped to any prefix"

      --  setting xml:lang attr
       (Namespace_URI => XML_URI,
        Local_Name    => Lang_Attribute,
        Value         => Self.Language);

--      Writer.Start_Prefix_Mapping
--        (Namespace_URI => XML_URI,
--         Prefix        => To_Universal_String ("xml"));

      Writer.Start_Element (Qualified_Name => Message_Element,
                            Attributes     => Attrs);

Vadim says Start_Prefix_Mapping should be optional.

#479 duplicate Include stream as tempate in XML Template Maxim Reznik

We need a way to avoid expression substitution in nested stream of an template. It's error prone to have this as default. See #426 as example.

I propose to add an extra directive

<mtl:include expression="stream"/>

to explicitly force substitution in the stream from given variable.

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