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#7 fixed consistence of patethesis for named character classes not checked somebody vadim.godunko

Here is regular expression which successfully compiled but should issue error:


Compiler must check consistency in use of \p{/} and [:/:] pairs and their negative forms.

#8 fixed Upgrade to Unicode 5.2.0 somebody vadim.godunko

Unicode 5.2.0 and UCA 5.2.0 was released, data files, implementation and tests need to be adjusted.

#9 fixed SAX parser crash on entity reference somebody vadim.godunko

SAX parser crash when processing entity reference which replacement text is empty string.

<!DOCTYPE test [
  <!ENTITY my "">
> ./demo empty_entity.xml
>>> (Internal_Entity_Decl): 'my' => ''
>>> (Start_Element): '' 'test' 'test'

raised CONSTRAINT_ERROR : matreshka-internals-utf16.adb:170 index check failed
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