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#213 fixed 'visibility' attribute is initialized to the wrong default vadim.godunko

UML::PackageableElement::visibility attribute restricts redefined UML::NamedElement::visibility attribute to multiplicity 1..1 and define default value to be 'public'. Nevertheless, constructors initialize it to "no-value", which is expected for redefined attribute. This ticket is to fix this bug.

#152 fixed --enable-xxx/disable-xxx options in configure Maxim Reznik

To write ebuild (instalation script for Gentoo) we need to add --enable-xxx/disable-xxx options in configure.

Here quote from Gentoo developer manual:

Often the configure script will try to automatically enable support for optional components based upon installed packages. This must not be allowed to happen. For example, if a user has Perl installed but has USE="-perl", packages with optional Perl support must not link against Perl. This automatic detection can usually be overridden using --enable- and --disable or --with- and --without- switches

#146 fixed --help support by configure vadim.godunko

It would be nice to support --help switch by configure program (see #144 also).

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