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#216 fixed How to get delta between two Date_Time? somebody Maxim Reznik

Let's add function to League.Calendars:

function "-" (Left : Date_Time; Right : Date_Time) return Time;

#217 fixed A mess with arguments in XML.SAX.Writers.SAX_Writer.Start_Element alexander.basov Maxim Reznik

Start_Element has (Namespace_URI, Local_Name) and Qualified_Name arguments. But only valid combinations are

  • Namespace_URI, Local_Name
  • Qualified_Name

It's better to have two overloaded Start_Element

#234 fixed error when compiling with recent gnat Pro 7.1.0w (20120603) somebody Maxim Reznik
Description must use private with clause for preelaborated unit "Stream_Element_Vectors" gnatmake: "matreshka/matreshka/source/xml/sax/xml-sax-simple_readers-parser-actions.adb" compilation error

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