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#320 fixed From/To parameters for Index/Last_Index vadim.godunko

It would be useful to be able to limit scope of search for Index/Last_Index subprograms.

#341 fixed General category of Universal_Character vadim.godunko

League should provide function to get Unicode general category of Universal_Charcter.

#460 fixed Get_Last_Modified in Servlet API Maxim Reznik Maxim Reznik

Servlet API says:

2.1.3 Conditional GET Support The HttpServlet interface defines the getLastModified method to support conditional GET operations.

So I propose to add into Servlet.HTTP_Servlets something like this:

   function Unknown_Date_Time return League.Calendars.Date_Time with Inline;
   not overriding function Get_Last_Modified
    (Self     : in out HTTP_Servlet;
     Request  : Servlet.HTTP_Requests.HTTP_Servlet_Request'Class)
      return League.Calendars.Date_Time;
   --  Returns the time the Http_Servlet_Request object was last modified.
   --  If the time is unknown, this method returns Unknown_Date_Time value.
   --  Servlets that support HTTP GET requests and can quickly determine their
   --  last modification time should override this method. This makes browser
   --  and proxy caches work more effectively, reducing the load on server and
   --  network resources.

Alternative is to return Optional_Date_Time or rewrite funcition as procedure with an additional Success : out Booleanparameter.

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