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#176 fixed Index operation for Universal_String_Vector somebody Maxim Reznik

It may be has sence to have Find method for Universal_String_Vector. Something like

function Find (Self : Universal_String_Vector; Item : Universal_String) return Natural; -- Return 0 if Item not in Self, or index of first occurence of Item in Self.

#178 fixed unmatched [] in regexp_scanner.l somebody Maxim Reznik

In macroses DEFAULT_IGNORABLE_CODE_POINT and GRAPHEME_EXTEND there are unmatched branches. The easiest way to search for [(

way to fix: replace '[(' with '('

#180 fixed configure fails on windows Maxim Reznik

configure unable to find sqlite libs on windows.

When I commented out deletion of temporary .gpr file, I see there wrong -L option like:


I had work around by specifying LIBRARY_PATH=D:\some\dir in environment.

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