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#501 fixed value of "in out" parameters is not updated Maxim Reznik vadim.godunko

Generated code doesn't contains update of value of "in out" parameters of simple types, for example

   procedure Visit
    (Self    : in out Abstract_Iterator'Class;
     Visitor : in out Model.Visitors.Abstract_Visitor'Class;
     Element : not null Model.Element_Access;
     Control : in out Model.Visitors.Traverse_Control)
      use type Model.Visitors.Traverse_Control;

      Element_Instance : Model.Internals.Elements.Element'Class
        renames Model.Internals.Elements.Element'Class (Element.all);

      Element_Instance.Enter_Element (Visitor, Control);

      if Control = Model.Visitors.Continue then
         Element_Instance.Visit_Element (Self, Visitor, Control);
      end if;

      if Control /= Model.Visitors.Terminate_Immidiately then
         Element_Instance.Leave_Element (Visitor, Control);
      end if;
   end Visit;

it generates

        _ec.visit = function visit(self$, visitor, element, control) {
            function _return() {
                return {
                    control: control
            (element).enter_element(visitor, control);
            if (control === _ec.model.visitors.traverse_control.continue) {
                (element).visit_element(self$, visitor, control);
            if (control !== _ec.model.visitors.traverse_control.terminate_immidiately) {
                (element).leave_element(visitor, control);
            return _return();
#503 fixed a2js wrong code for null procedure with out parameters Maxim Reznik vadim.godunko

JavaScript function is generated for null procedures with 'in out' parameters of simple type doesn't return any value, but this value is expected at caller's side.

#508 fixed a2js support of model_epsilon attribute Maxim Reznik vadim.godunko

To add support of T'Model_Epsilon attribute. Correct value is available as Number.EPSILON constant in modern browsers.

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