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#48 fixed check for SIMD support in compiler for x86 somebody vadim.godunko

Now configure check for such support in compiler for x86_64 only. Because x86 also uses SSE2 instructions now (see #47) this is important check.

#49 fixed refactoring of SSE2 string handling subprograms somebody vadim.godunko

There are two copy of the same code for SSE2 string handling subprograms now: one in X86_SSE2_String_Handler and one in X86_64_String_Handler. It is reasonable to refactor such code to avoid code duplication. For example, it can be declared in generic package.

#50 fixed update to Unicode 6.0.0 somebody vadim.godunko

Unicode 6.0.0 was released, so time to update once UCA data will be available.

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