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#309 invalid Holder can be Is_Empty and Is_Universal_String simultaneously ivan.levashev

I guess, that was maid intentionally, to make output variables typed in SQL, but it's counter-intuitive when reasoning about values. Maybe there should be a more explicit distinction between empty string and non-empty string? I mean, Is_Universal_String should return False for Data'Tag => League.Holders.Universal_String_Tag and Is_Empty => True unless some non-default argument was specified to Is_Universal_String.

Those who are willing to check tag of empty holder should do it in a manner distinct from everybody else who only need to deal with values and only want to see Is_Universal_String = True when there is a real string inside.

#370 fixed Upgrade default mysql charset from utf8 to utf8mb4 ivan.levashev

MySQL encoding named 'utf8' actually does not support code points above BMP. Higher multilingual planes are only available in 'utf8mb4' encoding.

#117 fixed Makefile.install gnatls commands produce blank lines john.marino

In the Makefile.install file, there are several gnatls | sort | sort > file.list commands that cause the subsequent install commands to choke.

The reason for this is that the gnatls command output starts with a blank line, at least on FreeBSD. The blank line is propagated to sort and uniq, so the install command throws an error on the first line.

I fixed it by removing the blank line by piping the output of the gnatls command to "grep -v '$$'" before the sort command.

I have attached a diff file to illustrate the changes need to install matreshka on FreeBSD, including a fix for xargs -a.

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