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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#95 closing SQL_Database unrecoverable on error new somebody enhancement major
#96 SQL_Database state diagram new somebody defect major
#137 Reading whole file into Universal_String new somebody enhancement major
#174 regexp compilation error new somebody defect major
#205 Simple_sql example doesn't work with Firebird driver new somebody defect major
#232 League.Strings.Cursors.Lines new somebody enhancement major
#233 League.Application.Application_Name new somebody enhancement major
#264 Drop Ada.Numerics.Discrete_Random from nonce creation. new defect major
#361 Add Slice function to Stream_Element_Vector new enhancement major 19.0
#381 Shared mode for files opened by File_Input_Source new defect major 19.0
#401 Add unbounded integers new enhancement major
#417 Text pretty printer accepted Maxim Reznik enhancement major
#422 matreshka-internals-calendars-clocks__posix.adb:123 range check failed new defect major
#425 select returns string instead of integer new defect major
#455 a2js: add support for enum indexed arrays new enhancement major 19.0
#462 Add attribute from template engine new enhancement major 19.0
#465 Oracle DB driver unable to bind integer on win32 new defect major 19.0
#466 webapi: add html dataset new enhancement major 19.0
#473 a2js: JavaScripr_Resource convention new enhancement major 19.0
#487 Str.Replace (1, 0, Value) asserts new defect major 19.0
#491 TSL not working on Mac OS X new enhancement major 19.0
#495 UTF-16 index support new enhancement major 19.0
#504 Universal_String_Vector and JSON_Stream new enhancement major 19.0
#510 Invalid regexp matching new defect major 19.0
#514 Add Sort for Universal_String_Vector new enhancement major 19.0
#515 servlet_aws_request fails with IPv6 addresses new defect major 19.0
#516 web socket error on send new defect major 19.0
#519 configure on msys2 new defect major 20.0
#520 mariadb support new enhancement major 20.0
#521 Regexp fails on {0,X} new defect major 20.0
#373 holder for string vector new enhancement minor
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