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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#95 closing SQL_Database unrecoverable on error new somebody enhancement major
#96 SQL_Database state diagram new somebody defect major
#205 Simple_sql example doesn't work with Firebird driver new somebody defect major
#291 Access to BLOBs in databases new somebody enhancement major
#296 Decimal support in SQL new enhancement major
#375 posgresql prepare statement failure new defect major
#396 Matreshka configure system is not able to detect SQLite3 on Gentoo new defect major
#425 select returns string instead of integer new defect major
#439 support of REAL data type in PostgreSQL driver new enhancement major
#465 Oracle DB driver unable to bind integer on win32 new defect major 19.0
#289 Embedded MySQL server support new somebody enhancement minor
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