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#506 enchancement of IRI enhancement major fixed

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#355 support of CLDR collation algorithm enhancement major
#358 update fastcgi example enhancement major
#361 Add Slice function to Stream_Element_Vector enhancement major
#363 support of recalculation of chain of collations elements defect major
#380 encode content of IRI enhancement major
#381 Shared mode for files opened by File_Input_Source defect major 0.6.0
#487 Str.Replace (1, 0, Value) asserts defect major 0.7.0
#491 TSL not working on Mac OS X enhancement major
#495 UTF-16 index support enhancement major
#504 Universal_String_Vector and JSON_Stream enhancement major
#510 Invalid regexp matching defect major 18.1
#514 Add Sort for Universal_String_Vector enhancement major
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