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#198 cannot stat `source/amf/mofext/metamodels/OCL23.cmof': No such file or directory defect critical fixed
#189 Implement parents and/or allParents for AMF elements enhancement major fixed
#191 Support of Standard Profiles enhancement major fixed
#192 extend generator to generate visitors and iterators interfaces enhancement major fixed
#194 Unable to read model generated by Magic Draw defect major 0.2.0 fixed
#195 error handler for XMI reader enhancement major fixed
#196 Support for MOFEXT enhancement major fixed
#199 optimize implementation of internal setter/getter enhancement major fixed
#201 Implement Empty collections support in AMF.Generic_Collections enhancement major 0.2.0 fixed
#202 move internal element identifier into Element_Implementation enhancement major 0.2.0 fixed
#203 hash functions for all elements enhancement major 0.2.0 fixed
#206 Unable to read UML models from Eclipse (unknown namespaces) defect major fixed
#207 support of UML Testing Profile enhancement major fixed
#208 extend generator to generate holders package enhancement major fixed
#210 add metamodel specific factories enhancement major fixed
#212 serialization of 'visibility' attribute is failed defect major fixed
#213 'visibility' attribute is initialized to the wrong default defect major fixed
#214 XMI writer doesn't serialize some attributes defect major fixed
#222 UML::Operation::namespace is null defect major fixed
#223 Implementation of UML::NamedElement::allNamespaces enhancement major fixed
#224 Implementation of UML::NamedElement::qualifiedName operation enhancement major fixed
#225 UML iterator visits attributes of class multiple times defect major fixed
#226 Matreshka fails to read xmi defect major fixed
#227 Matreshka is unable to recognize boolean type in model enhancement major fixed
#230 setter of UML::Constraint::specification attribute doesn't set value defect major fixed
#231 UML::Operation::bodyCondition is serialized incorrectly defect major fixed
#235 Entity resolver for references in XMI documents enhancement major fixed
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