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#117 Makefile.install gnatls commands produce blank lines defect minor 0.1.1 fixed
#119 incorrect file name in league.gpr in portable_64_le section defect major 0.1.1 fixed
#120 configuration doesn't detect freebsd amd64 machine properly enhancement minor 0.1.1 fixed
#122 matreshka doesn't build on FreeBSD with sqlite3 installed defect major 0.1.1 fixed
#123 sqlite 3: extra files installed defect major 0.1.1 fixed
#134 Add optflags to Makefile Pavel Zhukov enhancement major 0.1.1 fixed
#163 takes too much memory to compile enhancement major 0.1.1 fixed
#114 install target should not use xargs' GNU extension parameters defect major fixed
#115 Makefile should use MAKE macro defect major fixed
#116 empty first line in .lst breaks BSD install defect major duplicate
#143 config.gpr raise conflicts defect major fixed
#146 --help support by configure enhancement major fixed
#149 make install doesn't work on Windows defect major fixed
#152 --enable-xxx/disable-xxx options in configure enhancement major fixed
#162 Release 0.2.0 task major fixed
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