Matreshka 0.6.0

Matreshka 0.6.0 was released 2014-01-14. Most significant improvements of functionality are:

  • Markup Templates Engine (can produce XML or HTML/XHTML documents)
  • XML Namespace support package
  • fancy output of values of Matreshka's data types in GDB
  • ARM/Linux, amd64/FreeBSD and x86_64/Windows support
  • API extensions for Universal_String and Universal_Character
  • packages to allow use of SIMD instructions in Ada applications (Intel MMX/SSE/etc. and ARM NEON)
  • update to Unicode 6.3.0 and CLDR 24

Supported compilers

Matreshka 0.6.0 is tested with several Ada compilers:

  • GNAT GPL 2012
  • GNAT GPL 2013
  • FSF GCC 4.7
  • FSF GCC 4.8.1 (note, FSF GCC 4.8.0 is not supported due to GCC's bug)

Supported platforms

Matreshka 0.6.0 is tested on several platforms:

ARMv7 Linux
x86 Linux, Windows
x86_64 FreeBSD, Linux, Windows

It should work on almost all UNIX systems too.

Current Status

Open tickets

Ticket Component Type Summary
No tickets found

Closed tickets

Ticket Component Type Resolution Summary
#63 Matreshka enhancement fixed ARM/Linux port
#166 Matreshka enhancement fixed rename project files
#318 Matreshka enhancement fixed Install GDB plugin
#339 Matreshka enhancement fixed Porting to windows 64
#340 Matreshka task fixed Matreshka 0.6.0 release
#314 Matreshka - AMF enhancement fixed Notification for element's events
#7 Matreshka - League defect fixed consistence of patethesis for named character classes not checked
#178 Matreshka - League defect fixed unmatched [] in regexp_scanner.l
#315 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed Backward search for Universal_String.Index
#316 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed gdb support for Universal_String
#319 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed Performance improvement of Universal_String's Index/Last_Index operations with SSE2
#320 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed From/To parameters for Index/Last_Index
#321 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed Move SIMD packages from private namespace
#322 Matreshka - League defect fixed Index doesn't return expected result for empty string
#324 Matreshka - League defect fixed Index function fails
#327 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed make Text codecs preelaborated
#329 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed Add Is_White_Space for Universal_Character
#330 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed Update to Unicode 6.3.0 and CLDR 24
#331 Matreshka - League defect fixed Memory corruption after JSON_Object.Value call
#333 Matreshka - League enhancement fixed Substring index
#334 Matreshka - League defect fixed Index fails on portable_le
#325 Matreshka - SQL defect wontfix List of Queries not thread-safe
#336 Matreshka - SQL defect fixed Fix size of integer used in mysql testsuite
#337 Matreshka - SQL defect fixed Oracle driver hangs on reopen connection
#338 Matreshka - SQL enhancement fixed MySQL tests must not be executed when there is no connection to database
#310 Matreshka - Web Services enhancement fixed Suppress style checks in wsdl2ada results
#69 Matreshka - XML Processor enhancement fixed XML Writer should use output destination to process output
#240 Matreshka - XML Processor enhancement fixed namespace support package
#326 Matreshka - XML Processor defect fixed Start_CDATA/End_CDATA are not emitted
#332 Matreshka - XML Processor task fixed move template processor into main source tree
#335 Matreshka - XML Processor enhancement fixed Add Clean to XML.SAX.Output_Destinations.Strings

Known problems

Ticket Component Type Resolution Milestone Summary
#342 Matreshka defect fixed 0.7.0 configure doesn't detect mysql server
#345 Matreshka defect fixed 0.7.0 Matreshka faild to install when AMF is disabled
#354 Matreshka defect fixed 0.7.0 unexpected configure warning when MySQL is not installed
#397 Matreshka defect fixed 0.7.0 configure failure without mysql server available for testing
#381 Matreshka - League defect 19.0 Shared mode for files opened by File_Input_Source
#388 Matreshka - League defect fixed 0.7.0 application crash on Last_Index call for empty string
#390 Matreshka - League defect fixed 0.7.0 Index raises CONSTRAINT_ERROR
#344 Matreshka - SQL defect fixed 0.7.0 Recover Firebird driver
#370 Matreshka - SQL enhancement fixed 0.7.0 Upgrade default mysql charset from utf8 to utf8mb4
#396 Matreshka - SQL defect Matreshka configure system is not able to detect SQLite3 on Gentoo
#350 Matreshka - XML Processor defect fixed 0.7.0 xml template processor crash on empty JSON array

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