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Matreshka 0.2.0

Matreshka 0.2.0 not yet released. Here is list of most significant improvements of functionality:

  • XML Base support was added to XML processor, SAX API extension was added to allow application to obtain effective base URI;
  • FastCGI module was improved to support Microsoft IIS;
  • package to manipulate by IRI/URI was added;
  • API of Universal_Character, Universal_String and Universal_String_Vector was extended;
  • performance improvement;
  • bug fixes.

Supported compilers

Matreshka 0.2.0 is tested with several Ada compilers:

  • GNAT GPL 2011
  • GNAT FSF GCC 4.7 (not tested)

Note: we started to use several useful features of Ada2012 to improve Matreshka's code, so only compilers listed above can be used to build Matreshka 0.2.0.

Supported platforms

Matreshka 0.2.0 is tested on several platforms:

x86 Linux, Windows
x86_64 Linux

Current Status

Open tickets

Ticket Summary Type Component
No tickets found

Closed tickets

Ticket Summary Type Component
#114 install target should not use xargs' GNU extension parameters defect Matreshka
#115 Makefile should use MAKE macro defect Matreshka
#116 empty first line in .lst breaks BSD install defect Matreshka
#117 Makefile.install gnatls commands produce blank lines defect Matreshka
#119 incorrect file name in league.gpr in portable_64_le section defect Matreshka
#120 configuration doesn't detect freebsd amd64 machine properly enhancement Matreshka
#122 matreshka doesn't build on FreeBSD with sqlite3 installed defect Matreshka
#123 sqlite 3: extra files installed defect Matreshka
#134 Add optflags to Makefile enhancement Matreshka
#143 config.gpr raise conflicts defect Matreshka
#146 --help support by configure enhancement Matreshka
#149 make install doesn't work on Windows defect Matreshka
#152 --enable-xxx/disable-xxx options in configure enhancement Matreshka
#162 Release 0.2.0 task Matreshka
#163 takes too much memory to compile enhancement Matreshka
#158 reflective set of uml::Constraint::visibility is failing defect Matreshka - AMF
#161 split string data package enhancement Matreshka - AMF
#76 windows-1250 codec enhancement Matreshka - League
#77 windows-1252 codec enhancement Matreshka - League
#121 Add Starts_With for Universal_String enhancement Matreshka - League
#127 Add Ends_With for Universal_String enhancement Matreshka - League
#129 URI/URN/URL manupulation package enhancement Matreshka - League
#130 Slice procedure for Universal_String enhancement Matreshka - League
#131 binary order compare operations for Universal_Character enhancement Matreshka - League
#132 simple case mapping for Universal_Character enhancement Matreshka - League
#133 Prepend for Universal_String_Vector enhancement Matreshka - League
#139 sqlite driver crashes when binding null value defect Matreshka - League
#150 Universal_String.Slice crash when low > high and both greater when Length defect Matreshka - League
#160 improve performance of To_Universal_String function enhancement Matreshka - League
#118 SQL example uses obsolete subprograms defect Matreshka - SQL
#138 sqlite драйвер не сбрасывает Query при повторном Execute defect Matreshka - SQL
#141 Cent OS 5.7 problems with sqlite3 driver defect Matreshka - SQL
#142 SQL set parameter bug defect Matreshka - SQL
#147 sqlite driver breaks heap memory defect Matreshka - SQL
#153 Print message if try configure sqlite module with old libbrary version enhancement Matreshka - SQL
#124 FastCGI doesn't work with IIS defect Matreshka - Web Services
#59 XML Writer: support for Start_DTD enhancement Matreshka - XML Processor
#60 XML Writer: use apostrophe instead of quotation mark as value delimiter enhancement Matreshka - XML Processor
#111 XML Catalogs support enhancement Matreshka - XML Processor
#112 SAX Locator doesn't return Public_Id and System_Id defect Matreshka - XML Processor
#125 support for XML Base Specification in SAX Reader enhancement Matreshka - XML Processor
#126 XML Writer Error defect Matreshka - XML Processor
#159 automatic indentation of output for Pretty_Writer enhancement Matreshka - XML Processor

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