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Matreshka 0.1.0

Matreshka 0.1.0 Release Candidate was released. Here is list of most significant improvements of functionality:

  • support for calendars and calendrical calculations;
  • support for SQL Database Access, including Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQLite;
  • support for persistent application settings, INI files and Windows Registry are supported.
  • support for ISO-8859-1 and Windows-1251 encoding;
  • several extensions of Universal_String and Universal_String_Vector;
  • performance improvement;
  • bug fixes.

Supported compilers

Matreshka 0.1.0 is tested with several Ada compilers:

  • GNAT GPL 2010
  • GNAT FSF GCC 4.6

However, we are planning to start to use several Ada2012 features in new modules and to do code reorganization of existing modules once GNAT GPL 2011 will be released, so most probably minimal requirements for next release will be changed to GNAT GPL 2011 and GNAT FSF GCC 4.7.

Supported platforms

Matreshka 0.1.0 is tested on several platforms:

x86 Linux, Windows
x86_64 Linux


Source code can be downloaded from Downloader section.

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