Jan 9, 2017:

5:53 PM Ticket #470 (binding for requestAnimationFrame) closed by vadim.godunko
5:50 PM Changeset [5681] by vadim.godunko
Use animation frame request to do most of GL operations. Finish of …
5:48 PM Changeset [5680] by vadim.godunko
Add procedure equivalent for requestAnimationFrame. Refs #470.
5:43 PM Changeset [5679] by vadim.godunko
Add support of requestAnimationFrame/cancelAnimationFrame. Refs #470.
5:41 PM Changeset [5678] by vadim.godunko
Display warning when -g switch is provided.
5:39 PM Ticket #470 (binding for requestAnimationFrame) created by vadim.godunko
Binding for requestAnimationFrame/cancelAnimationFrame should be added.
3:42 PM Changeset [5677] by vadim.godunko
Enable keyword substitution.

Dec 31, 2016:

3:36 AM Ticket #469 (SpikeDog: access to uploaded content) closed by vadim.godunko
3:02 AM Changeset [5676] by vadim.godunko
Add implementation of Get_Input_Stream for AWS. Refs #469.
2:30 AM Changeset [5675] by vadim.godunko
Use 'not null access'.
2:27 AM Changeset [5674] by vadim.godunko
Extend Servlet API to get request body data.
2:24 AM Changeset [5673] by vadim.godunko
Remove redundant with clause.

Dec 30, 2016:

1:52 PM Ticket #469 (SpikeDog: access to uploaded content) created by Maxim Reznik
It's common practice to send json as POST request. Now there is no way …
1:33 PM Ticket #463 (file uploading with servlets) closed by Maxim Reznik

Dec 22, 2016:

12:55 PM Changeset [5672] by Maxim Reznik
Update leap second table. new second at 2016-12-31.
9:45 AM XML/Templates edited by Maxim Reznik
add elsif, else (diff)
9:01 AM Ticket #467 (else and elsif in template engine) closed by Maxim Reznik
fixed: In 5671: […]
9:01 AM Changeset [5671] by Maxim Reznik
Add 'else' and 'elsif' to XML template engine Close #467

Dec 21, 2016:

5:21 AM Changeset [5670] by Maxim Reznik
spikedog: add more content types

Dec 16, 2016:

5:54 AM Guide edited by Maxim Reznik
Add windows 64 instructions (diff)

Dec 12, 2016:

7:14 AM Changeset [5669] by Maxim Reznik
Set not empty value for Upload_Directory
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