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#307 fixed Hash for Stream_Element_Vector hangs Maxim Reznik Maxim Reznik


#309 invalid Holder can be Is_Empty and Is_Universal_String simultaneously ivan.levashev

I guess, that was maid intentionally, to make output variables typed in SQL, but it's counter-intuitive when reasoning about values. Maybe there should be a more explicit distinction between empty string and non-empty string? I mean, Is_Universal_String should return False for Data'Tag => League.Holders.Universal_String_Tag and Is_Empty => True unless some non-default argument was specified to Is_Universal_String.

Those who are willing to check tag of empty holder should do it in a manner distinct from everybody else who only need to deal with values and only want to see Is_Universal_String = True when there is a real string inside.

#216 fixed How to get delta between two Date_Time? somebody Maxim Reznik

Let's add function to League.Calendars:

function "-" (Left : Date_Time; Right : Date_Time) return Time;

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