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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#5 DOM Core support accepted alexander.basov enhancement major
#58 DOM HTML support new somebody enhancement major
#61 DOM Load and Save support new somebody enhancement major
#70 implementation of DOM:NodeList new somebody enhancement major
#128 XML Catalogs: initial list of catalog entry files new somebody enhancement major
#135 file input source returns invalid system identifier new somebody defect major
#136 effective XML base is wrong for root elements of external entities new somebody defect major
#175 xml scanner code reorganization new somebody enhancement major
#420 template processor doesn't provide sax locator new defect major 19.0
#423 support of boolean expressions by templates processor new enhancement major
#462 Add attribute from template engine new enhancement major 19.0
#57 support for substitution of external subset with entity resolver new somebody enhancement minor
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