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1Started by user Pavel Zhukov
2Building in workspace /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka
3Updating svn://forge.ada-ru.org/matreshka/trunk/matreshka at revision '2016-02-17T10:07:02.567 +0000'
4At revision 5535
6[matreshka] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/hudson194213351447336419.sh
7+ make config
8gnatmake -p -j0 -Pgnat/tools_configure.gpr
9object directory "/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/gnat/../.objs/configure" created for project tools_configure
10gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure-driver.adb
11gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure.adb
12gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure-architecture.adb
13gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure-instantiate.adb
14gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure-internals.adb
15gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure-rtl_version.adb
16gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure-tests.ads
17gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure-tests-asis.adb
18gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure-tests-firebird.adb
19gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure-tests-gprbuild.adb
20gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure-tests-install.adb
21gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure-tests-installation_directories.adb
22gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure-tests-modules.ads
23gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure-tests-modules-amf.adb
24gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure-tests-mysql.adb
25gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure-tests-oci.adb
26gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure-tests-operating_system.adb
27gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure-tests-postgresql.adb
28gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure-tests-sqlite3.adb
29gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure-tests-valgrind.adb
30gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure-version.adb
31gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure-builder.adb
32gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure-abstract_tests.adb
33gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure-pkg_config.adb
34gcc -c -g -gnat12 -gnato -fstack-check -I- -gnatA /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/tools/configure/configure-component_switches.adb
35gnatbind -x /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/.objs/configure/configure-driver.ali
36gnatlink /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/.objs/configure/configure-driver.ali -o /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/configure
37+ ./configure
38[os ] detecting target operating system...: POSIX
39[gprbuild ] looking for GPRbuild...: /bin/gprbuild
40[gprbuild ] checking GPRbuild version...: ok
41[gprbuild ] looking for GPRls...: not found
42[asis ] checking whether ASIS library is available...: no
43[modules ] checking whether to build AMF module...: yes
44[mysql ] checking whether to build MySQL module...: no (mysql_config not found)
45configure: (info) MySQL driver module is disabled
46[oci ] checking whether to build Oracle module...: no (not found)
47configure: (info) Oracle driver module is disabled
48[postgresql] checking whether to build PostgreSQL module...: yes (pg_config)
49[postgresql] checking whether PostgreSQL library is usable...: yes
50[sqlite3 ] checking whether to build SQLite3 module...: yes (pkg-config)
51[sqlite3 ] checking for SQLite3 version...: Ignoring incompatible output option "--atleast-version"
53[sqlite3 ] checking for linker switches...: "-lsqlite3"
54[sqlite3 ] checking whether SQLite3 library is usable...: yes
55[firebird ] checking whether to build Firebird module...: yes (try default)
56[firebird ] checking whether Firebird library is usable...: no
57configure: (info) Firebird driver module is disabled
58configure: VALGRIND => /bin/valgrind
59configure: HAS_FIREBIRD =>
61configure: INSTALL => /bin/install
62configure: GPRDIR => /usr/local/lib/gnat
63configure: GPRBUILD => /bin/gprbuild
64configure: HAS_SQLITE3 => true
67configure: HAS_MYSQL =>
68configure: VERSION => 0.8.0
69configure: ARCHITECTURE => x86_64
70configure: HAS_GPRLS =>
71configure: BINDIR => /usr/local/bin
72configure: LIBDIR => /usr/local/lib
73configure: HAS_ASIS =>
74configure: HAS_GPRBUILD2014 =>
75configure: HAS_POSTGRESQL => true
76configure: OCI_LIBRARY_OPTIONS =>
77configure: HAS_OCI =>
78configure: PREFIX => /usr/local
79configure: POSTGRESQL_LIBRARY_OPTIONS => "-L/usr/lib64", "-lpq"
80configure: GPRLS =>
81configure: HAS_VALGRIND => true
82configure: SQLITE3_LIBRARY_OPTIONS => "-lsqlite3"
84configure: RTL_VERSION_SUFFIX => -4.9
85configure: ENABLE_AMF => true
86configure: creating Makefile.config
87configure: creating gnat/install/matreshka_config.gpr
88configure: creating gnat/matreshka_config.gpr
89configure: creating source/league/matreshka-config.ads
90+ make
91make -f Makefile.build SMP_MFLAGS="-j0"
92make[1]: Entering directory '/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka'
93/bin/gprbuild -p -j0 -Pgnat/matreshka_league.gpr
94object directory "/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/gnat/../.objs/league/" created
95library directory "/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/gnat/../.libs" created for project matreshka_league
96library ALI directory "/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/gnat/../.libs/matreshka" created for project matreshka_league
97gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-strings-handlers-x86_64.ads
98gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -mpopcnt -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-strings-handlers-x86_64_popcnt.ads
99gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-simd-intel-avx.ads
100gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-simd-intel-cpuid.adb
101gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-simd-intel-sse2.ads
102gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-strings-handlers-generic_x86_sse2.adb
103gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-simd-intel.ads
104gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-simd-intel-mmx.adb
105gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -mpopcnt -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-strings-handlers-x86_utilities.adb
106gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-simd-intel-sse.adb
107gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-simple_readers-parser-tables.ads
108gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-simple_readers-parser.adb
109gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-simple_readers-scanner.adb
110xml-sax-simple_readers-scanner.adb:702:45: warning: "YY_Last_Accepting_Position" may be referenced before it has a value
111xml-sax-simple_readers-scanner.adb:703:45: warning: "YY_Last_Accepting_Index" may be referenced before it has a value
112xml-sax-simple_readers-scanner.adb:704:45: warning: "YY_Last_Accepting_State" may be referenced before it has a value
113xml-sax-simple_readers-scanner.adb:705:45: warning: "YY_Last_Accepting_Line" may be referenced before it has a value
114xml-sax-simple_readers-scanner.adb:706:45: warning: "YY_Last_Accepting_Column" may be referenced before it has a value
115xml-sax-simple_readers-scanner.adb:707:45: warning: "YY_Last_Accepting_Skip_LF" may be referenced before it has a value
116gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-simple_readers-scanner-tables.ads
117gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-input_sources-strings.adb
118gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-stream_element_array_input_sources.ads
119gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-xml.ads
120gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-simple_readers-scanner-actions.adb
121gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-socket_input_sources.ads
122gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-simple_readers-validator.adb
123gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-entity_resolvers.ads
124gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-utilities.ads
125gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-content_handlers.ads
126gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-parse_exceptions-internals.adb
127gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-error_handlers.ads
128gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax.ads
129gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-dtd_handlers.ads
130gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-output_destinations-strings.adb
131gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-input_sources-streams-sockets.adb
132gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-locators.adb
133gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-sax_locators.adb
134gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-simple_readers-resolver.adb
135gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-declaration_handlers.ads
136gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-parse_exceptions.adb
137gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-simple_readers-callbacks.adb
138gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-output_destinations.ads
139gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-input_sources-streams-files.adb
140gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-default_handlers.adb
141gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-string_output_destinations.ads
142gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-pretty_writers.adb
143xml-sax-pretty_writers.adb:469:06: warning: formal parameter "Target" is not referenced
144xml-sax-pretty_writers.adb:470:06: warning: formal parameter "Data" is not referenced
145gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-writers.adb
146gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-xml-notation_tables.adb
147gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-xml-element_tables.adb
148gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-input_sources.ads
149gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-string_input_sources.ads
150gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-attributes.adb
151gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-xml-attributes.adb
152gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-xml-symbol_tables.adb
153gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-constants.ads
154gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-xml-entity_tables.adb
155gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml.ads
156gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-uri_utilities.adb
157gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-attributes-internals.adb
158gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-lexical_handlers.ads
159gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-xml-namespace_scopes.adb
160gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-input_sources-streams-element_arrays.adb
161gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-locators-internals.adb
162gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-simple_readers-analyzer.adb
163gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-xml-base_scopes.adb
164gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-file_input_sources.ads
165gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-simple_readers.adb
166gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-xml-attribute_tables.adb
167gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-utilities-namespace_supports.adb
168gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-simple_readers-parser-actions.adb
169gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-readers.ads
170gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-input_sources-streams.adb
171gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_010e.ads
172gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-colls.ads
173gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0000.ads
174gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00fe.ads
175gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_000f.ads
176gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00ab.ads
177gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00a6.ads
178gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_001b.ads
179gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00fd.ads
180gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00f9.ads
181gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0022.ads
182gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0104.ads
183gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_01f2.ads
184gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_02fa.ads
185gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00ae.ads
186gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_001d.ads
187gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_01d2.ads
188gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0014.ads
189gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_016f.ads
190gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0fff.ads
191gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00ac.ads
192gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_002c.ads
193gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_001a.ads
194gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_01f5.ads
195gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0020.ads
196gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00fc.ads
197gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_000b.ads
198gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00af.ads
199gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_01ff.ads
200gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0016.ads
201gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0105.ads
202gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_01d1.ads
203gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_01b0.ads
204gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00a1.ads
205gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0024.ads
206gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0015.ads
207gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0114.ads
208gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_01f3.ads
209gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-norms.ads
210gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0019.ads
211gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0103.ads
212gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0029.ads
213gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_002b.ads
214gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_02a6.ads
215gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_009f.ads
216gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00d7.ads
217gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_02b7.ads
218gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0001.ads
219gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_01ee.ads
220gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_01f4.ads
221gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00a0.ads
222gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00e0.ads
223gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0030.ads
224gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0008.ads
225gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00aa.ads
226gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_002a.ads
227gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_01f6.ads
228gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0102.ads
229gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_01bc.ads
230gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0110.ads
231gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0123.ads
232gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00b1.ads
233gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0002.ads
234gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_001e.ads
235gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0006.ads
236gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0101.ads
237gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0116.ads
238gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0023.ads
239gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0034.ads
240gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_004d.ads
241gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0005.ads
242gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_002f.ads
243gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0032.ads
244gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00a8.ads
245gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_02ff.ads
246gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_01e8.ads
247gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_000a.ads
248gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0031.ads
249gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_010c.ads
250gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0107.ads
251gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0003.ads
252gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00b2.ads
253gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0013.ads
254gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00a7.ads
255gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_010d.ads
256gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0028.ads
257gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00fb.ads
258gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0134.ads
259gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_01d0.ads
260gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_010a.ads
261gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0012.ads
262gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00ad.ads
263gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_01f0.ads
264gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0108.ads
265gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_01d5.ads
266gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0e01.ads
267gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_001c.ads
268gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0118.ads
269gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_001f.ads
270gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_01f1.ads
271gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0021.ads
272gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0025.ads
273gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0033.ads
274gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_000d.ads
275gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0132.ads
276gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0109.ads
277gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0026.ads
278gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_02b8.ads
279gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_011a.ads
280gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-indexes.ads
281gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0010.ads
282gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0007.ads
283gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_02b9.ads
284gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_016b.ads
285gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_000c.ads
286gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0e00.ads
287gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0018.ads
288gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0113.ads
289gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0e02.ads
290gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0100.ads
291gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00d8.ads
292gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00b0.ads
293gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0112.ads
294gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0027.ads
295gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_016a.ads
296gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_01d6.ads
297gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00fa.ads
298gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_01f8.ads
299gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_000e.ads
300gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0111.ads
301gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core.ads
302gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_002e.ads
303gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0115.ads
304gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0004.ads
305gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_01d4.ads
306gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_01d7.ads
307gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-cases.ads
308gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00ff.ads
309gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0009.ads
310gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0124.ads
311gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00a9.ads
312gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_01d3.ads
313gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_01f7.ads
314gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_00a4.ads
315gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0017.ads
316gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0133.ads
317gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_002d.ads
318gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_0011.ads
319gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-core_010b.ads
320gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-regexps-compiler-scanner-tables.ads
321gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-regexps-compiler-scanner.adb
322gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-regexps-compiler-parser-tables.ads
323gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-regexps-compiler-parser.adb
324matreshka-internals-regexps-compiler-parser.adb:278:21: warning: range test optimized away
325matreshka-internals-regexps-compiler-parser.adb:278:21: warning: value is known to be in range
326matreshka-internals-regexps-compiler-parser.adb:300:21: warning: range test optimized away
327matreshka-internals-regexps-compiler-parser.adb:300:21: warning: value is known to be in range
328gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-text_codecs-iana_registry.ads
329gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-text_codecs-shiftjis-tables.ads
330gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-text_codecs-windows1251.adb
331matreshka-internals-text_codecs-windows1251.adb:315:24: warning: lower bound test optimized away
332matreshka-internals-text_codecs-windows1251.adb:315:24: warning: value is known to be in range
333gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-text_codecs-windows1252.adb
334matreshka-internals-text_codecs-windows1252.adb:225:24: warning: lower bound test optimized away
335matreshka-internals-text_codecs-windows1252.adb:225:24: warning: value is known to be in range
336gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-text_codecs-windows1250.adb
337matreshka-internals-text_codecs-windows1250.adb:429:24: warning: lower bound test optimized away
338matreshka-internals-text_codecs-windows1250.adb:429:24: warning: value is known to be in range
339gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-text_codecs-ibm437.adb
340matreshka-internals-text_codecs-ibm437.adb:753:24: warning: lower bound test optimized away
341matreshka-internals-text_codecs-ibm437.adb:753:24: warning: value is known to be in range
342gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-text_codecs-ascii.adb
343matreshka-internals-text_codecs-ascii.adb:144:24: warning: lower bound test optimized away
344matreshka-internals-text_codecs-ascii.adb:144:24: warning: value is known to be in range
345gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-text_codecs-iso88591.adb
346matreshka-internals-text_codecs-iso88591.adb:134:24: warning: lower bound test optimized away
347matreshka-internals-text_codecs-iso88591.adb:134:24: warning: value is known to be in range
348gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-text_codecs-koi8r.adb
349matreshka-internals-text_codecs-koi8r.adb:619:24: warning: lower bound test optimized away
350matreshka-internals-text_codecs-koi8r.adb:619:24: warning: value is known to be in range
351gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-text_codecs-iso88595.adb
352matreshka-internals-text_codecs-iso88595.adb:161:24: warning: lower bound test optimized away
353matreshka-internals-text_codecs-iso88595.adb:161:24: warning: value is known to be in range
354gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-text_codecs-shiftjis.adb
355matreshka-internals-text_codecs-shiftjis.adb:182:32: warning: lower bound test optimized away
356matreshka-internals-text_codecs-shiftjis.adb:182:32: warning: value is known to be in range
357gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-text_codecs-koi8u.adb
358matreshka-internals-text_codecs-koi8u.adb:614:24: warning: lower bound test optimized away
359matreshka-internals-text_codecs-koi8u.adb:614:24: warning: value is known to be in range
360gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-json-arrays.adb
361gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-settings.adb
362gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-cldr-collation_rules_parser.adb
363matreshka-cldr-collation_rules_parser.adb:186:30: warning: assignment to pass-by-copy formal may have no effect
364matreshka-cldr-collation_rules_parser.adb:186:30: warning: "raise" statement may result in abnormal return (RM 6.4.1(17))
365gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-calendars.ads
366gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-cldr.ads
367gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-regexps-engine-pike.adb
368matreshka-internals-regexps-engine-pike.adb:211:20: warning: object "SOL" is always True
369matreshka-internals-regexps-engine-pike.adb:211:20: warning: (see assignment at line 201)
370gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-holders-short_integers.ads
371gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-json-streams.adb
372gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-cldr-collation_compiler.adb
373gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-regexps-engine-debug.adb
374matreshka-internals-regexps-engine-debug.adb:44:09: warning: type "State" is not referenced
375gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-iris.adb
376league-iris.adb:59:12: warning: package "URI_Parser" is not referenced
377league-iris.adb:88:36: warning: "=" unimplemented
378league-iris.adb:164:36: warning: Encoded_Authority unimplemented
379league-iris.adb:178:36: warning: Encoded_Fragment unimplemented
380league-iris.adb:192:36: warning: Encoded_Host unimplemented
381league-iris.adb:206:36: warning: Encoded_Path unimplemented
382league-iris.adb:220:36: warning: Encoded_Query unimplemented
383league-iris.adb:234:36: warning: Encoded_Scheme unimplemented
384league-iris.adb:249:36: warning: Encoded_User_Info unimplemented
385league-iris.adb:272:36: warning: From_Encoded unimplemented
386league-iris.adb:1228:09: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
387league-iris.adb:1480:36: warning: Is_Valid unimplemented
388league-iris.adb:1510:24: warning: formal parameter "Default" is not referenced
389league-iris.adb:1598:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
390league-iris.adb:1598:31: warning: formal parameter "To" is not referenced
391league-iris.adb:1601:36: warning: Set_Authority unimplemented
392league-iris.adb:1610:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
393league-iris.adb:1611:06: warning: formal parameter "To" is not referenced
394league-iris.adb:1615:36: warning: Set_Encoded unimplemented
395league-iris.adb:1624:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
396league-iris.adb:1625:06: warning: formal parameter "To" is not referenced
397league-iris.adb:1628:36: warning: Set_Encoded_Authority unimplemented
398league-iris.adb:1637:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
399league-iris.adb:1638:06: warning: formal parameter "To" is not referenced
400league-iris.adb:1641:36: warning: Set_Encoded_Fragment unimplemented
401league-iris.adb:1650:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
402league-iris.adb:1651:06: warning: formal parameter "To" is not referenced
403league-iris.adb:1654:36: warning: Set_Encoded_Host unimplemented
404league-iris.adb:1663:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
405league-iris.adb:1664:06: warning: formal parameter "To" is not referenced
406league-iris.adb:1667:36: warning: Set_Encoded_Path unimplemented
407league-iris.adb:1676:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
408league-iris.adb:1677:06: warning: formal parameter "To" is not referenced
409league-iris.adb:1680:36: warning: Set_Encoded_Query unimplemented
410league-iris.adb:1689:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
411league-iris.adb:1690:06: warning: formal parameter "To" is not referenced
412league-iris.adb:1693:36: warning: Set_Encoded_Scheme unimplemented
413league-iris.adb:1702:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
414league-iris.adb:1703:06: warning: formal parameter "To" is not referenced
415league-iris.adb:1706:36: warning: Set_Encoded_User_Info unimplemented
416league-iris.adb:1715:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
417league-iris.adb:1715:31: warning: formal parameter "To" is not referenced
418league-iris.adb:1718:36: warning: Set_Fragment unimplemented
419league-iris.adb:1779:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
420league-iris.adb:1779:31: warning: formal parameter "To" is not referenced
421league-iris.adb:1782:36: warning: Set_Query unimplemented
422league-iris.adb:1839:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
423league-iris.adb:1839:31: warning: formal parameter "To" is not referenced
424league-iris.adb:1842:36: warning: Set_User_Info unimplemented
425league-iris.adb:1855:36: warning: To_Encoded unimplemented
426gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-json_documents.adb
427gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-stream_element_vectors.adb
428gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-settings-ini_files.adb
429matreshka-internals-settings-ini_files.adb:610:12: warning: formal parameter "Section_Key" is not referenced
430gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-character_sets.adb
431gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-holders-long_long_integers.ads
432gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-settings-ini_managers.adb
433gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-cldr-collation_data.adb
434gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-holders-long_integers.ads
435gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-json-streams-integer_stream_operations.ads
436gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-strings-cursors-grapheme_clusters.adb
437gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-text_codecs-utf16.adb
438gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-holders-generic_enumerations.adb
439gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-calendars-iso_8601.adb
440gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-normalization.adb
441gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-utf16.adb
442matreshka-internals-utf16.ads:100:04: warning: pragma Pack for "Utf16_String" ignored
443matreshka-internals-utf16.ads:100:04: warning: explicit component size given at line 99
444matreshka-internals-utf16.ads:108:04: warning: pragma Pack for "Unaligned_Utf16_String" ignored
445matreshka-internals-utf16.ads:108:04: warning: explicit component size given at line 107
446gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-cldr-collation.ads
447gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-locales.adb
448league-locales.ads:46:12: warning: unit "League.Strings" is not referenced
449gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-collation.adb
450gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-settings.adb
451gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-regexps-compiler.adb
452gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-pretty_printers.adb
453gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-json-streams-boolean_stream_operations.adb
454gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-json.ads
455gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-translator-xliff_readers.adb
456matreshka-internals-translator-xliff_readers.adb:50:04: warning: constant "Trolltech_NS" is not referenced
457matreshka-internals-translator-xliff_readers.adb:63:04: warning: constant "XLIFF_Name" is not referenced
458gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-calendars-times.adb
459gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-strings-cursors-characters.adb
460gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-cldr-allkeys_reader.adb
461gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-strings-handlers.adb
462gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-regexps.adb
463gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-string_vectors.adb
464matreshka-internals-string_vectors.ads:74:04: warning: pragma Inline for "Reference" is redundant
465gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-locales-constructors.adb
466gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-json-documents.adb
467gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-cldr-ldml_parsers.adb
468matreshka-cldr-ldml_parsers.adb:84:06: warning: formal parameter "Success" is not referenced
469matreshka-cldr-ldml_parsers.adb:95:06: warning: formal parameter "Namespace_URI" is not referenced
470matreshka-cldr-ldml_parsers.adb:96:06: warning: formal parameter "Local_Name" is not referenced
471matreshka-cldr-ldml_parsers.adb:98:06: warning: formal parameter "Success" is not referenced
472matreshka-cldr-ldml_parsers.adb:126:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
473matreshka-cldr-ldml_parsers.adb:137:06: warning: formal parameter "Namespace_URI" is not referenced
474matreshka-cldr-ldml_parsers.adb:138:06: warning: formal parameter "Local_Name" is not referenced
475matreshka-cldr-ldml_parsers.adb:141:06: warning: formal parameter "Success" is not referenced
476gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-holders.adb
477gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-strings.adb
478gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-properties.adb
479gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-calendars-ada_conversions.adb
480gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-holders-json_objects.ads
481gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-translator.adb
482gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-stream_element_vectors-hash.adb
483gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-stream_element_vectors-internals.adb
484gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league.ads
485gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-json-streams-long_float_stream_operations.ads
486gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-translator.adb
487gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-atomics.ads
488gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-strings-internals.adb
489gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-strings-debug.adb
490gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-json_parser.adb
491gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-locales.adb
492matreshka-internals-locales.adb:50:04: warning: "Application_Locale" is not modified, could be declared constant
493gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-characters.ads
494gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-strings-hash.adb
495gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-character_sets-internals.adb
496gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-text_codecs.adb
497gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-locales-defaults.ads
498gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-holders-booleans.ads
499gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka.ads
500gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-application.adb
501gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-characters-internals.adb
502gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-strings-operations.adb
503gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd-properties.adb
504gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-stream_element_vectors.adb
505matreshka-internals-stream_element_vectors.adb:180:07: warning: "Length" is not modified, could be declared constant
506matreshka-internals-stream_element_vectors.adb:189:21: warning: redundant conversion, expression is of type "Hash_Type"
507gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-json-streams-long_integer_stream_operations.ads
508gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-config.ads
509gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-text_codecs.adb
510gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-characters-latin.ads
511gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-characters-latin.ads
512gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-json_types.adb
513gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-holders-generic_integers.adb
514gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-regexps-compiler-debug.adb
515gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-text_codecs-utf8.adb
516gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-json_generator.adb
517gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-regexps-engine.ads
518gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-cldr.ads
519gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-characters.adb
520gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-string_vectors.adb
521gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-calendars-formatting-times.adb
522matreshka-internals-calendars-formatting-times.adb:77:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
523matreshka-internals-calendars-formatting-times.adb:101:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
524matreshka-internals-calendars-formatting-times.adb:105:06: warning: formal parameter "Zero_Based" is not referenced
525matreshka-internals-calendars-formatting-times.adb:150:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
526matreshka-internals-calendars-formatting-times.adb:180:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
527gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-strings-cursors.adb
528gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-ucd.adb
529gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-holders-long_floats.ads
530gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-calendars-formatting-iso_8601.adb
531matreshka-internals-calendars-formatting-iso_8601.adb:145:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
532matreshka-internals-calendars-formatting-iso_8601.adb:339:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
533matreshka-internals-calendars-formatting-iso_8601.adb:343:06: warning: formal parameter "Is_Stand_Alone" is not referenced
534matreshka-internals-calendars-formatting-iso_8601.adb:425:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
535gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-json-objects-internals.adb
536gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-base_codecs.adb
537gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-json-arrays-internals.adb
538gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-calendars-formatting.adb
539gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode.adb
540gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-json-documents-internals.adb
541gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-strings-c.adb
542gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-string_vectors-internals.adb
543gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-json-streams-float_stream_operations.ads
544gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-holders-generic_holders.adb
545gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-json-objects.adb
546gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-holders-generic_floats.adb
547gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-json-streams-generic_float_stream_operations.adb
548gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-json-values.adb
549gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals.ads
550gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-json-values-internals.adb
551gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-environment_variables.adb
552gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-regexps-compiler-generator.adb
553gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-cldr-collation_loader.adb
554gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-calendars-gregorian.adb
555gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-json-streams-generic_integer_stream_operations.adb
556gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-regexps-compiler-semantic.adb
557gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-code_point_sets.adb
558gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-host_types.ads
559gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-holders-json_arrays.ads
560gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-holders-integers.ads
561gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-simd.ads
562gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-holders-floats.ads
563gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-settings-fallbacks.adb
564gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-regexps-compiler-optimizer.adb
565gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-calendars.adb
566gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-casing.adb
567gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-unicode-characters-general_punctuation.ads
568gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-strings.adb
569league-strings.adb:725:06: warning: formal parameter "Changed_First" is not referenced
570league-strings.adb:726:06: warning: formal parameter "Removed_Last" is not referenced
571league-strings.adb:727:06: warning: formal parameter "Inserted_Last" is not referenced
572gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn league-regexps.adb
573gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-atomics-counters__gcc.adb
574gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-atomics-generic_test_and_set__gcc__64.adb
575gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-strings-configuration__x86_64.adb
576gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-strings-handlers-portable__64.adb
577gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-calendars-clocks__posix.adb
578gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-strings-constants__x86.ads
579gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-internals-settings-configuration__posix.ads
580gprlib league-4.9.lexch
581gcc -shared -o /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/.libs/libleague-4.9.so.0.8.0 ... /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/.objs/league/matreshka-internals-strings-handlers-x86_64.o ...
582gcc -shared -o /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/.libs/libleague-4.9.so.0.8.0 ... @/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/.objs/league/GNAT-TEMP-000004.TMP
583/bin/gprbuild -p -j0 -Pgnat/matreshka_xml.gpr
584object directory "/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/gnat/../.objs/xml/" created
585gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-templates-processors-parser.adb
586gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-templates.ads
587gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-html5_writers.adb
588gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-templates-streams.ads
589gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-templates-processors.adb
590gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-templates-streams-holders.ads
591gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-sax-event_writers.adb
592gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-dom_entity_references.adb
593gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-dom_attributes.adb
594matreshka-dom_attributes.adb:44:15: warning: unit "Matreshka.DOM_Documents" is not referenced
595matreshka-dom_attributes.adb:46:13: warning: unit "XML.DOM.Entity_References" is not referenced
596gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-dom-document_types.ads
597gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-dom-nodes.adb
598xml-dom-nodes.adb:55:07: warning: variable "Aux" is assigned but never read
599xml-dom-nodes.adb:58:07: warning: useless assignment to "Aux", value never referenced
600xml-dom-nodes.adb:69:07: warning: variable "Aux" is assigned but never read
601xml-dom-nodes.adb:72:07: warning: useless assignment to "Aux", value never referenced
602gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-dom_entities.adb
603gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-dom_documents.adb
604matreshka-dom_documents.adb:151:07: warning: constant "Node" is not referenced
605matreshka-dom_documents.adb:273:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
606gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-dom_document_fragments.adb
607gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-dom_document_types.adb
608gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-dom.ads
609gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-dom_comments.adb
610gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-dom-entity_references.ads
611gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-dom-notations.ads
612gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-dom_character_datas.adb
613gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-dom-comments.ads
614gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-dom-attributes.ads
615gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-dom-nodes-hash.adb
616gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-dom_cdata_sections.adb
617gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-dom_elements.adb
618matreshka-dom_elements.adb:45:15: warning: unit "Matreshka.DOM_Documents" is not referenced
619gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-dom-document_fragments.ads
620gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-dom-character_datas.ads
621gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-dom_processing_instructions.adb
622gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-dom-visitors.adb
623gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-dom-documents.ads
624gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-dom-elements.adb
625xml-dom-elements.adb:55:07: warning: variable "Old_Attr" is assigned but never read
626xml-dom-elements.adb:58:07: warning: useless assignment to "Old_Attr", value never referenced
627gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-dom-texts.ads
628gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-dom_texts.adb
629gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-dom-cdata_sections.ads
630gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-dom_lists.adb
631matreshka-dom_lists.adb:44:15: warning: unit "Matreshka.DOM_Documents" is not referenced
632matreshka-dom_lists.adb:45:15: warning: unit "Matreshka.DOM_Elements" is not referenced
633gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-dom-entities.ads
634gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-dom_builders.adb
635matreshka-dom_builders.adb:63:06: warning: formal parameter "Success" is not referenced
636matreshka-dom_builders.adb:65:07: warning: "Aux" is not modified, could be declared constant
637matreshka-dom_builders.adb:79:06: warning: formal parameter "Namespace_URI" is not referenced
638matreshka-dom_builders.adb:80:06: warning: formal parameter "Local_Name" is not referenced
639matreshka-dom_builders.adb:81:06: warning: formal parameter "Qualified_Name" is not referenced
640matreshka-dom_builders.adb:82:06: warning: formal parameter "Success" is not referenced
641matreshka-dom_builders.adb:92:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
642matreshka-dom_builders.adb:152:06: warning: formal parameter "Success" is not referenced
643matreshka-dom_builders.adb:180:06: warning: formal parameter "Success" is not referenced
644gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-dom-processing_instructions.ads
645gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-dom_nodes.adb
646gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-dom_notations.adb
647gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-xml_catalogs.ads
648gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-xml_catalogs-entry_files.adb
649gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-xml_catalogs-loader.adb
650gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-xml_catalogs-normalization.adb
651gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-xml_catalogs-resolver.adb
652gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn xml-catalogs.ads
653gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-xml_catalogs-handlers.adb
654matreshka-xml_catalogs-handlers.adb:129:14: warning: procedure "Error" is not referenced
655matreshka-xml_catalogs-handlers.adb:255:06: warning: formal parameter "Qualified_Name" is not referenced
656matreshka-xml_catalogs-handlers.adb:296:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
657matreshka-xml_catalogs-handlers.adb:298:06: warning: formal parameter "Success" is not referenced
658matreshka-xml_catalogs-handlers.adb:320:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
659matreshka-xml_catalogs-handlers.adb:541:06: warning: formal parameter "Success" is not referenced
660matreshka-xml_catalogs-handlers.adb:601:06: warning: formal parameter "Success" is not referenced
661matreshka-xml_catalogs-handlers.adb:1025:06: warning: formal parameter "Success" is not referenced
662matreshka-xml_catalogs-handlers.adb:1037:06: warning: formal parameter "Name" is not referenced
663matreshka-xml_catalogs-handlers.adb:1039:06: warning: formal parameter "System_Id" is not referenced
664matreshka-xml_catalogs-handlers.adb:1059:06: warning: formal parameter "Qualified_Name" is not referenced
665matreshka-xml_catalogs-handlers.adb:1115:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
666matreshka-xml_catalogs-handlers.adb:1117:06: warning: formal parameter "Success" is not referenced
667gprlib matreshka-xml-4.9.lexch
668gcc -shared -o /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/.libs/libmatreshka-xml-4.9.so.0.8.0 ... /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/.objs/xml/xml-templates-processors-parser.o ...
669/bin/gprbuild -p -j0 -Pgnat/matreshka_fastcgi.gpr
670object directory "/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/gnat/../.objs/web/fastcgi/" created
671gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn fastcgi-field_values.adb
672gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-fastcgi.adb
673gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn fastcgi-requests.adb
674gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn fastcgi-application.adb
675gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn fastcgi-replies-internals.adb
676gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn fastcgi-requests-internals.adb
677gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-fastcgi-query_items.adb
678gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn fastcgi-replies.adb
679fastcgi-replies.adb:53:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
680fastcgi-replies.adb:56:14: warning: null value not allowed here
681fastcgi-replies.adb:56:14: warning: "Constraint_Error" will be raised at run time
682fastcgi-replies.adb:64:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
683fastcgi-replies.adb:65:06: warning: formal parameter "Name" is not referenced
684fastcgi-replies.adb:76:06: warning: formal parameter "Self" is not referenced
685fastcgi-replies.adb:77:06: warning: formal parameter "Name" is not referenced
686fastcgi-replies.adb:103:07: warning: "Codec" is not modified, could be declared constant
687gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn fastcgi-field_names.adb
688gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn fastcgi.ads
689gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-fastcgi-descriptors.adb
690gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn fastcgi-handlers-responder.adb
691gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn fastcgi-handlers.ads
692gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-fastcgi-server.adb
693matreshka-fastcgi-server.adb:75:04: warning: named number "FCGI_Cant_Mpx_Conn" is not referenced
694matreshka-fastcgi-server.adb:76:04: warning: named number "FCGI_Overloaded" is not referenced
695matreshka-fastcgi-server.adb:77:04: warning: named number "FCGI_Unknown_Role" is not referenced
696matreshka-fastcgi-server.adb:146:06: warning: formal parameter "Request_Id" is not referenced
697matreshka-fastcgi-server.adb:355:06: warning: formal parameter "Socket" is not referenced
698matreshka-fastcgi-server.adb:480:06: warning: formal parameter "Socket" is not referenced
699matreshka-fastcgi-server.adb:538:06: warning: formal parameter "Socket" is not referenced
700gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-fastcgi-streaming_server.adb
701gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-fastcgi-protocol.adb
702gprlib matreshka-fastcgi-4.9.lexch
703gcc -shared -o /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/.libs/libmatreshka-fastcgi-4.9.so.0.8.0 ... /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/.objs/web/fastcgi/fastcgi-field_values.o ...
704/bin/gprbuild -p -j0 -Pgnat/matreshka_servlet.gpr
705object directory "/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/gnat/../.objs/web/servlet/" created
706gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn web_socket.ads
707gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn web_socket-connections.ads
708gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn web_socket-listeners.ads
709gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn web_socket-handlers.adb
710gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn servlet-http_requests.adb
711gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn servlet-http_upgrade_handlers.ads
712gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn servlet-http_cookie_sets.adb
713gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn servlet-http_sessions.ads
714gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn servlet-http_responses.adb
715gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn servlet-http_cookies.adb
716servlet-http_cookies.adb:44:12: warning: unit "League.Characters" is not referenced
717servlet-http_cookies.adb:55:13: warning: function "Create" is not referenced
718gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn servlet-http_servlets.adb
719gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn servlet-generic_servlets.adb
720gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn servlet-responses.ads
721gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn servlet-servlet_registrations.adb
722gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn servlet-request_wrappers.adb
723gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn servlet-event_listeners.ads
724gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn servlet-requests.adb
725gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn servlet-contexts.adb
726servlet-contexts.adb:56:07: warning: constant "Aux" is not referenced
727gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn servlet-servlets.ads
728gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn servlet.ads
729gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn servlet-write_listeners.ads
730gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn servlet-context_listeners.ads
731gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn servlet-response_wrappers.adb
732gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn servlet-container_initializers.ads
733gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn servlet-configs.ads
734gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn servlet-output_streams.ads
735gprlib matreshka-servlet-4.9.lexch
736gcc -shared -o /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/.libs/libmatreshka-servlet-4.9.so.0.8.0 ... /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/.objs/web/servlet/web_socket.o ...
737/bin/gprbuild -p -j0 -Pgnat/matreshka_spikedog_api.gpr
738object directory "/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/gnat/../.objs/web/spikedog/api/" created
739gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn spikedog-servlet_contexts.ads
740gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn spikedog-http_session_managers.ads
741gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn spikedog.ads
742gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn spikedog-generic_application_initializer.adb
743spikedog-generic_application_initializer.adb:50:04: warning: variable "Initializer" is assigned but never read
744spikedog-generic_application_initializer.adb:53:13: warning: all instances of "Initializer" will have the same external name
745gprlib spikedog-api-4.9.lexch
746gcc -shared -o /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/.libs/libspikedog-api-4.9.so.0.8.0 ... /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/.objs/web/spikedog/api/spikedog-servlet_contexts.o ...
747/bin/gprbuild -p -j0 -Pgnat/matreshka_spikedog_core.gpr
748object directory "/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka/gnat/../.objs/web/spikedog/core/" created
749gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-servlet_http_responses.adb
750gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-servlet_registrations.adb
751gcc -c -fPIC -g -gnatwa -gnat12 -gnatW8 -O2 -gnatn matreshka-rfc2616_dates.adb
753raised STORAGE_ERROR : stack overflow or erroneous memory access
754gprbuild: *** compilation phase failed
755Makefile.build:72: recipe for target 'spikedog-core' failed
756make[1]: *** [spikedog-core] Error 4
757make[1]: Leaving directory '/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/matreshka'
758Makefile:21: recipe for target 'all' failed
759make: *** [all] Error 2
760Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
761Finished: FAILURE